Thursday, May 20, 2010


I am a huge hat person, I wear one almost everyday.  I am lucky enough that hats look good on me.  So today I think I will feature cute, unusual & interesting handmade hats from etsy.  Without further ado...

the Gothic Lolita mini hat made by Harriet at
I think this hat is adorable & weird in a good way.  I would want a brown & white pinstripe something to wear with it.

Next up...  an olive polka dot cloche, I am in love!!!  Someone please buy me this hat!  I need it, want it, gotta have it.  It is true love.  Here's the link.  I love her cloches.

And finally, the perfect walking on the beach or reading in the sun hat.  Love it, also love a couple of the other designs in this store.  Beautiful hats!

So adorable!  I can feel the sand in my toes just looking at this hat.  WOW.  Here's the link...

Well I have a busy night ahead, many projects & collaborations are in the works.  I'll post all about them as each comes to fruition.

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