Sunday, March 14, 2010

An introduction...

My name is Mindy...

That's me.

I am an avid designer & maker of stuff & things.

It all started about a year ago.  I had a day off from work & my husband was at school, so I was all alone with nothing but free time.   I attempted to watch some kind of daytime television, but was sooo bored.  I went into my studio (I am a painter by nature), found some fabric I had purchased a couple of years before (knowing I would find something to do with it... it was too cute I had to have it), and started sewing.  I wound up with several NOT SO GREAT reusable coffee sleeves.  When my husband got home I proudly showed him the wonky little things.  He thought they were a great IDEA.  So I went back to the drawing board, researched materials, and finally figured out the magic combo.

I was hooked!  I started sewing them in every spare minute I could find.  I could not be stopped!  One day I looked around and found that I had a very large bag full of these sleeves.  They were great to look at, all different colors & patterns.  It was like candy!  But what did I need with all of them?  They were just fun to make.  So I packed up the bag into the ole car & headed down to my coffee shop.  I started giving away my sleeves.  The owner of the coffee shop took notice & asked if I would like to sell them there.  My business was born.

The sleeves are the bread & butter of my business.  They are sold in 14 different coffee shops locally & I sell them online at my Etsy store,  They pay for me to experiment making other things: clutches, stuffed owl & bird pillows, cards, Christmas ornaments... the list keeps growing.  So that brings us up to date.   So I welcome you to come on this journey with me.  Be my friend, witness the highs & the lows & the total freak outs.  Check in to see what new creations I have made, fabrics I have found, buttons I have added to my collection, or even just if my adorable beagle has done something amazingly cute that day.  Hope you enjoy!!!

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