Thursday, June 6, 2013

The M Collection

So in my last post I wrote a little teaser about my 1st line of fabric "The M Collection".  I thought I might tell you just a little bit more about it.

I'd be thinking about designing a line for a long time, but always felt like it wasn't the right moment.  For Christmas this last year, my supportive parents gave me a wacom tablet.  Once I got accustomed to using  it ... GAME ON!

Most of the inspiration came from nature.  I did, however, also seek inspiration from some pretty normal icons (arrows).

After designing numerous patterns & selecting my 30 favorite, I had a collection.  I ordered a sample from Spoonflower.  When my package arrived & I opened it, I felt like a kid on Christmas.  I was super happy with how it all turned out.  After the excitement faded, a little disappointment came over me.  I realized that with prepping for all the upcoming sales, I couldn't afford to order my fabric so I could make products out of it.

A few weeks went by & a package arrived at the house.  My hubby had ordered 10 of the fabrics so I could have it for the upcoming shows!  He's got some serious brownie points accrued right now.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of my fabric.  Let me know what are your favorites!

All of these fabrics are available for sale at:

The following links will direct you to products for sale made out of The M Collection.

Visit to see the rest!!!

Thanks for dropping by!

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